42 km | Burnaby

Length: 42 km
Elevation: 666 m
Unpaved: 52%
Tires: 32mm+

A tidy loop linking some of Burnaby’s best hidden gravel gems
Alright everyone, let’s relax. It’s October. The season is winding down. We don’t want to ride anything too intense anymore. We just wanna ride chill, short bits of gravel with our pals. Okay, we do that pretty much all year, but in the fall it’s REALLY what we want to do. 

So when local trail guru (and new pal) Jason (@jasonmytail) said he was willing to share some of his favourite little-known gravel zones around Burnaby, we jumped at the chance. When he sent over this route to us, we realized we had never ridden at least 90% of it. Now that’s exciting.

And the route didn’t disappoint. A tidy little loop through quiet back roads, urban single-track, hidden trail entrances, and colourful deciduous forests. Fun new spots with plenty of bail out points if the weather turns suddenly. Autumnal bliss.

We’ve done a few routes this year with long climbs, hike-a-bike sections and steep descents. Thankfully, this isn’t that. There’s a couple tough climbs, sure, but they’re relatively short. You might have to walk a small section or two, but that's just more time to take in the scenery. After a great summer of riding, this is the mixed-surface-ride equivalent of FINALLY PUTTING YOUR FEET UP after a long day. Good riding doesn’t always have to include suffering. Sometimes it feels so good to just take it easy out there and have some fun.

Huge thanks to Jason for curating this route, sharing it with us, and even taking us on a guided ride-through of it. It’s a good one.

Happy trails,
Love Machine