The Spring Classic

100km | Richmond

Length: 103 km
Elevation: 453 m
Unpaved: 51%
Tires: 32mm+

Inspired by the European Spring Classic races: questionable surfaces, raised dyke trails, omnipresent headwinds and a pitchy climb or two.
Vancouver doing its best Dutch/Belgian impression, the Spring Classic links together a few classic gravel sections with some lesser-known gems. But don’t let the flat elevation profile fool you—this route will zap your legs because it always seems to come with some seriously healthy headwinds.

We started and finished the route at Bridgeport Canada Line Station, so it’s easily accessible from the city. Hey, the route’s already over 100km, no need to add more.

You’ll start out by rolling through Iona and Richmond on some lovely seaside gravel trails and quiet roads. Cruise by Steveston for some fish n’ chips or a coffee, then head northwest through tree-lined gravel paths and eventually a few highway miles (sorry—it’s the only way).

The route gets a little tricky here, with some odd criss-crossing to get up onto the Alex Fraser Bridge. But keep your head on a swivel and you’ll be alright. Admittedly, the ride over the bridge sucks, but there’s some cool stuff on the other side so it’s worth it.

Once you’re into Delta, you’ll find yourself on some fun singletrack, doubletrack and even boardwalk trails. There are a lot of good lookin trails in this network, particularly on the east side of the tracks, so don’t worry about sticking to the route too directly. JUST HAVE FUN. Note: there’s currently some closed trails in this park due to a recent train derailment? They’re passable, but it’s always a good idea to follow the closure signs, so you can double-back to the trails on the east side of the train tracks if need-be.

The route gives you a quick sampler of the Boundary Bay Dyke trail (which if you’ve got the time and the legs is well worth continuing on) before looping back over the bridge and back towards Bridgeport station.

Hop on the train and je bent klaar. Simpel als dat.

Happy trails,
Love Machine